App Review: Dexeteria

App Review: Dexeteria

Dexteria is an app that was developed by an Occupational Therapist to work on a few key areas of fine motor development that are suitable for a tablet. It consists of three activities, addressing the issues of finger isolation, pincer grasp position and letter formation. All three are important to handwriting, with the skills developed contributing to overall fine motor skill. A great feature of the app is that it allows you to record times, and use it for measuring change in skill over time.

Dexteria is well developed, easy to use and fun (for all ages!). I’ve used it extensively in my practice, particularly the exercise on pincer grasp development. I’ve found that its a great ‘game’ to play with kids – and I use it as a motivational tool. Most importantly, they don’t know that our ‘game’ is also skill development, and have a great time playing with it. While I really like the finger isolation exercise in theory, I find that once your hand is placed on the screen, it is difficult to see past your fingers to know which finger to isolate.

Overall, I find the app is useful to my practice, and works on valuable skills for a wide range of populations. The app can be found on the iOS app store for $3.99 and can be used on any iDevice.

The makers of Dexteria also produce two other apps, Letter Reflex (for letter reversals) and POV for Visual Spatial Skills/Reasoning that I’ll be reviewing at a later date! You can visit the website for the Dexteria Family of Apps here!

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