App Review: iWrite Words

App Review: iWrite Words

iPads seem to be making their way into many areas of my practice. While the benefits were apparent in many areas, I was surprised to see the benefits for kids having difficulty with writing. Although the kids aren’t getting the benefit of increasing strength, I have still found that using the iPad for letter formation has been a wonderful  tool.

There are many, many letter formation apps out there, but the best I have found (so far) has certainly been iWriteWords. The app costs $2.99, although you can get a lite version for free. If you are keen to try it out – this is a great option.

What I like about the app:

- The letter formations match what I would teach as the most efficient and clear letter formations in my practice, so it fits well

- If you make an error, the app provides auditory cues, and forces you to start over – reinforcing the correct letter patterns

- The app gives great feedback  and guidance throughout, and reinforces a great job done.

- Allows the user to alter the size of the letters

- Can do upper and lower case letters, numbers, and words in upper and lower case

- Colourful, engaging and kid friendly!

All in all, the best letter formation app I’ve seen!

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