App Review: Mobile Mouse

App Review: Mobile Mouse



Touchscreens have often been held up as an example of what the future holds in terms of computing. We’ve now reached a point where touch screens are everywhere – restaurants, malls, airports, but even more significantly, many of us are carrying them around in our pockets!

With the increase in iPhones, iPods and iPads, as well as the vast options available on the Android platform, we now have access to touch screens in unprecedented numbers.

BUT WAIT! – all the programs we used to use, or that we find particularly useful on our PCs and Mac computers, require a mouse and keyboard to operate!

Enter Mobile Mouse Pro. Mobile Mouse is an app that connects through wifi or bluetooth to your desktop or laptop computer. Now, your computer screen can be navigated using your touch device, effectively turning your iPad or iPhone into an external keyboard and mouse, all operated through a touch screen.

This technology has great benefits for individuals with mobility challenges and alternate positioning needs, or those who just find a standard mouse and keyboard difficult to use. It has great feedback through the use of sound, and offers options like Tap Click (no buttons needed!) and Drag Lock – so you don’t have to hold down the dreaded mouse button when dragging.

Overall, a fantastic option for accessing that desktop! Check out their website, or head on over to the App store  or Google Play Store to check out the lite version (Free) or the full featured version ($1.99 iOs/$2.95Android).

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