App Review: Splashtop Personal

App Review: Splashtop Personal

After reviewing Mobile Mouse Pro, a great option for using your iPad/iPhone/Android to connect to your desktop or laptop as an external mouse or keyboard, I’d like to focus on a different way to get touch access to your Windows or Mac based programming – one that really opens up the possibilities where they have been limited before!

Splashtop Personal is a great app that allows you to stream  your desktop image to your touch device through a WiFi connection (on the same WiFi network)– effectively turning all of your formerly mouse based programs into touch based programs. For those of you who have children who are just learning cause and effect, a touch based program is a much more direct route than mouse based systems. Mousing requires a significant amount of abstract thought – where the touch based system allows you to see the direct result of your actions.

Once you’ve downloaded the app to your Android or iOS device, you just need to download the Splastop Streamer for your computer, and follow the instructions. It’s easy to set up, has great troubleshooting, and will get you going in no time.

I love Splashtop for it’s ability to turn switch based programs into touch operated programs – great for working with anyone with physical limitations, on a platform they really enjoy!  We’ve seen great uses for it when using programs only available on a PC as well – perfect for demonstrating something from another location. Oh… and all those Flash based programs you couldn’t use on your iPad… problem solved!

There is an in-app purchase option for access to your desktop from any network – as long as the computer is on and online. I’ve been using it with great success to access my home computer while away from home, and the cost is fairly reasonable at $16.99 annually.

Total Cost: $9.99

Optional “all networks” access: $16.99 annually

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