App Review: Stezza – A (likely unintentionally) accessible music player!

App Review: Stezza – A (likely unintentionally) accessible music player!

StezzaI often come across new apps through free “app of the day” type apps, and once in a while, I stumble on one which really impresses me.

Stezza is a really simple music player that works perfectly with your iPhone or iPad to control all the music you’ve got on your device. It’s got big buttons for easy access (great for someone with limited motor control) and is clear and easy to see. For those with visual impairment who benefit from high contrast – background color options are available – with the default as white on black.

The main screen gives simple, easy to access, controls for play, track forward and reverse, shuffle, repeat, menu, and settings. The album image and song information don’t use up much real estate, making it easier for you to control the buttons you need to hit. 2014-05-19 17.30.55

In settings, you can elect whether to show volume buttons (instead of shuffle/repeat), your colour theme, and whether you want audible sounds when you hit each of the buttons. To make the deal even sweeter, the interface works equally well in both landscape and portrait mode!

2014-05-19 17.29.07I also took the chance to try out switch access to the app, and it works perfectly. Each of the controls (play, forward, and back are largest) is highlighted well, and since there are only a few buttons on the screen, it doesn’t take too long to scan through all the available options. (For more information on iOS7.1 Switch Control, check out our guide!)



2014-05-19 17.39.56

2014-05-19 17.39.52If you’re curious what the app looks like on iPad – it’s a bit different – for the bigger screen – but still has all the same great benefits of ease of use, clarity, and usefulness for Switch Control.


All in, an app worth checking out!


Available on the App Store for $1.99

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