Assitive Tech Entering the Mainstream

Assitive Tech Entering the Mainstream

We’ve had a little break from posting – raising funds for the Sunshine Foundation of Canada‘s Individual Dream and DreamLift program – giving kids with physical disabilities the opportunity to Live their Dream!

That said – there have been great developments in the mainstream technology world that have big implications for assistive tech users…

Here are a few you might want to check out:

1) There has been a big iOS update to iPhones and iPads, with improved switch access, and better integration. Not only has accessibilty improved, we’ve seen the addition of third party keyboards, and predictive text features. This is one we’ve been waiting for, and are very excited to see it come to fruition. Keep an eye out for our updated Switch Access guide!

2) Belkin recently released it’s new suite of wifi enabled lightbulbs – and while the cost is not cheap ($100 for starter kit with two bulbs, and wifi hub, $30 for each additional bulb), they have great promise in working into an existing WeMo system – with motion sensing and IFTTT protocols. Here’s a great link from CNET telling you how they stack up.

3) A Finnish Company is introducing the BTTN on Indiegogo – an awesome new tool that will hook into your wifi system (or 3G if you’re out and about) and can be configured to do just about anything. Switch access meets mainstream technology – pretty exciting! Check out their Indiegogo campaign by clicking on the link!

4) To cap it off, I’m picking up the new OSMO game tomorrow – and will report back on the great features with an AT bent!

Have a great weekend!


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