iOS Switch Control Guide

Lately I’ve been working on switch control for the iPad and other iOS devices – and trying to teach clients the system can be tricky. In particular, we were lacking a guide to Switch Control which provided a full picture of the complexity of each of the screens.

Switch Control in iOS is certainly a powerful tool, but naturally comes with it’s own set of challenges. If you take care in your initial set up, it can make a huge difference to your experience.

I’ve put together a guide to iOS Switch Access which covers the following areas:

1) Settings/Set Up

2) Guide to the main menu (with screenshots)

3) Icon dictionary

4) Hierarchy of Main Menu

Access the PDF here:  iOS Switch Access Guide

I’ll be working on updating it over the coming months – and would love to incorporate any suggestions you might have! Send me an email by clicking or head over to our Contact page to send a note through the website!




**UPDATE** June 2, 2014: I’ve updated the Switch Control guide for a few inconsistencies. As a reminder – if you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know!

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