Keyguards for Tablets

I am always looking for exciting keyguard options for iPad and Android tablets. For AAC users with limited physical dexterity, keyguards are often a saving grace – especially when working with a touch screen. They reduce the effort needed to access the screen by giving a bit of physical guidance, while also minimizing the risk of accidental hits from other fingers/parts of the hand.

Lasered Pics is a great website that has a multitude of keyguard options. I’m really impressed by their breadth of product availability and pricing. Not only do they have fantastic options, but they allow you to choose the case you use (because all tablets should be in protective cases…). Having checked out the rest of the options available on the web currently, I can’t say more good things about them… Did I mention they ship within the USA and to 18 other countries?

Another option for people who struggle with the rest of their hand/fingers… Take a glove (any kind will do – but a “Magic” glove works really well) and cut the tip off the finger/knuckle the person uses to access the screen. The rest of the hand will be shielded from contact with the screen, leaving the correct spot open! Really wish I could take credit for this – but found it on a great blog… You can check it out here.

As always – remember to check in with your favourite Occupational Therapist or Assistive Technology Professional if you need guidance on this matter, or have any questions about tablets, apps and access to assistive technology!

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