Umoove Experience: Face and Eye Tracking Review

Umoove Experience: Face and Eye Tracking Review


We’ve been watching Umoove for a while, anticipating the release of their first game using face and eye tracking technology on smartphones and tablets. Yesterday’s release of the Umoove Experience did not disappoint!

Umoove has created software that takes advantage of the (now common) cameras installed in the smart phones and tablets that most of us are already using. The software is able to recognize and track your face or eyes, and can be integrated into app based software for a variety of purposes. What we are REALLY excited about here at JumpStart is the potential for use by individuals with disabilities who may not have great use of their hands or fingers.

Previous head and eye tracking systems have been expensive, and often challenging to learn and use. In addition, they’ve often needed add-on hardware – not terribly compatible with the smaller, lighter devices with fewer inputs.

Their first app release – Umoove Experience – shows off the umoovetracking capacity well. The directions are simple, and the interface is intuitive, giving an excellent idea of just what the software is capable of. The tracking software is responsive, and it was easy to grasp on the first try – it only took a few minutes to be comfortable with the movements.

Umoove has created a software development kit for developers who want to integrate their work into apps of their own, and we are looking forward to seeing more of this technology in the future!

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